January 01, 2014

Having pets, to me, means you have another member of the family to love. Me and Azwaj will do anything to ensure their well-being. From their own kitty home, to vet visit, to making sure they have the best food for their diet. They are our kids, furkids that is, and yes, we are pawparents.

So it saddens me when they are ill or involved in any incident and we will do anything to make them whole again. When our furkid, Anja got kidney failure, we started feeding her with a special diet meant for kidney patients. We also got her the meds the vets suggested. The bill was exorbitant but the same way you would do anything for a family member, Anja got the best treatment that we can afford till she passed on.

anja girl

Then Jam Jam fell from our 6th storey service balcony despite all the reinforcement that Azwaj had put up and we were hopeful when she survived the fall but unfortunately due to the complication after her surgery, Jam Jam didn’t only left our heart bare but also our wallet dry after she crossed the rainbow bridge.

jam Jam in a box

Sometimes I wished there was a pet insurance in in Malaysia that we can take up for the furkids. Having 9 furkids now I can’t imagine if two of them have to seek medical help at the same time.  I mean cat insurance should  be available here already. Something like what E & L insurance is providing. They have all sorts of  pet insurance available. From dog to cats, from bird to horse insurance, they have them all, which is pretty awesome. With coverage of up to £6,000 of vet fees, I know that I won’t have to worry about making sure our furkids have the best care available to them. The cat insurance offered by E & L not only cover vet bills, it also  covers advertising cost and the cost of a reward should your cat become lost or stolen.

There are basically three kinds of coverage you can choose from : –

  • Silver cat insurance – vet’s fees up to £4,000
  • Gold cat insurance – vet’s fees up to £5,000
  • Diamond cat insurance – vet’s fees up to £6,000

Their pet cat insurance cover also includes: –

  • Cattery fees to cover the cost of boarding, personal accident, loss by theft or straying, accidental damage and more
  • Cheap cat insurance premiums with up to 25% introductory online premium discount
  • 10% multi cat discount when insuring more than one cat

When oh when will we have access to such insurance cover here?


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December 27, 2013

Look at me.. I was a little kitten then and not much bigger than Daddy’s palm but now mommy said I am now like a little hercules! Speaking of which, have you checked out hercules dj equipment at Musicians Friend ? I can’t believe the prices that it is now going for. Everything is so economical. It must be because of the Christmas sale. Make sure you check the site out ok..

In the meantime.. here’s baby me!!! Meow!

awal baby

BloggerCats – Awal

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December 21, 2013

Okay- so maybe not actually smelling like roses but the analogy fits when you have used an odor free machine to cleanse the air in your house, apartment, basement, garage or whatever space may have become contaminated with an offensive odor. Treatment with an odor free machine will leave the area with a fresh, clean smell that encourages deep breaths and smiles.

Safe and Easy to Use

Hotels and apartment buildings can clear nasty odors, such as cigar smoke, cooking odors, pet smells and mustiness quickly and efficiently with a machine that generates ozone. The ozone attacks the nasty, minute particles that cause the bad smells right at their source. No crack or crevice is too small to ban ozone from entering. Ozone is simply the oxygen we breathe with an added atom. Two ways nature converts oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3) is via ultraviolet light and lightening. People use harnessed electricity to create the same effect.

With an ozone generator machine, like those you will find here at OzoneFree.com, all you have to do is plug it in, set the dial in accordance to space size, odor intensity or and/other listed factors in the directions, and then leave the area until the allotted time is up. When you return, the space will no longer reek of yesterday’s misgivings. Once the O3 has done its job the added atom is lost and O2 once again reigns supreme.


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December 06, 2013

Daddy had a scare today as he found a termite colony in his cabinet.. and what is worst they have made their way to where he had stacked FOUR.. yeap… FOUR of his guitar cases. These are not the prices of trumpet cheap mind you. These are rather expensive and two of the cases had guitars in them! Good thing the hard casing was the one at the bottom of the stack (the one that is resting on the cabinet) is “termite-resistant” and it was good as new after daddy cleaned it.. Close call indeed and all this happened on the day mommy left for Singapore.. yikes!


Yikes! Termites


Poor Guitar Case


Good as New


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December 02, 2013

viviana sitting

Oh wait, actually it should say save on remo drum coz they site selling them are having some sort of sale.. lol. But yeah that’s me up top.. This was taken in 2009 (I think).. mommy found it as she was cleaning out her files on her hard drive. She said it is so difficult to get a good picture of me coz I can’t still still. Well Mommy you won’t be able to sit still too if you got Awal chasing you ALL the time.. Sigh..


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