September 21, 2013

Mommy is busy doing some ebay designing for her wig client though I must prefer to check out reid website instead coz they have all these cool gadgets that I as a male cat can use especially since daddy was thinking of changing the linoleum in the kitty room and I am sure I can find something at the site to make the job easier for him..

Don’t worry.. Smokey is here to help..

Oh last Friday we had some special guest at Bloggercats. I will surely blog about it as soon as I can.. Stay tune!

BloggerCats – Smokey

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September 11, 2013

Mommy found this information on facebook and after letting us know I told her to post it here for every PawParent to refer to..

toxic food for pets


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September 08, 2013

So we got Awal neutered on 18 August 2013.  He’s been with us since January and we reckon he was already at least 2mths old that time.. so since that makes him around 10 to 11mths now, we feel the time is right to get him to the vet for his snip snip.

We got to Klinik Kembiri early at 9.00am to get Awal a good number so he won’t have to wait long for this turn. I was a bit pissed at some people that just walked into the office disregarding us and other people who were already waiting outside to be called in. Nevertheless, we got Awal to be the 10th cat to be attended to. After registration, we left Awal making sure he knows that we will be back for him and left for breakfast.

We got a call at around 12.44pm to pick him up and by 1.30pm Awal was already home. Here are some picture of him on that day..

Awal Spotting a Number 10 on his forehead. This is important so that we don’t get the wrong cat later on

Poor Baby .. still drowsy

Our Handsome Boy



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September 06, 2013

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Every spoiled kitty recognizes the sound of a treat jar or bag being opened. You can feel good about giving your cat any of the healthy treats you will find while looking around the PetFlow website. You’ll also find quite a collection of cat toys. Keeping a variety of toys on hand, and switching them often, will keep your cat from becoming bored.


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September 01, 2013

It was a cold rainy day and I was hungry. Mommy was working and I didn’t want to disturb her. I knew daddy was still sleeping but I peeped through the door anyway. Suddenly daddy opened his eyes and when he saw me he called all my name. Yippee.. I ran in and joined him on the bed. This is me getting some tender loving strokes from daddy. I love daddy!

Awal – BloggerCats

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