December 05, 2012

 I am trying very hard to keep my specs on so that I can look smart as I study the cell line authentication at It is very complex work and it will need all the concentration I can muster so that I don’t make any mistake. Daddy is helping to make sure my specs stay in place but I don’t think he is doing a good job.

What do you think?


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September 08, 2012

Awan Relaxing

While daddy is redoing the ladder in our kitty room (apparently Vivie is having difficulty using it coz she has short legs) and while mommy is polishing her leather bag with leather furniture conditioner (yeap it works on any leather product), I decided to just take it easy on my bed and look pretty. See how colorful our bunk bed is? I just love the to hangout on the pink level as I think it makes me look very beautiful.  Do you agree?



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August 27, 2012

Sniff.. sniff.. is it me you are looking for?


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August 04, 2012

As each day goes by, Gianto is really living up to his name of being a GIANT. He is growing up so fast and despite being only 8 months old, he is now as big as Jay-Bol and Awan (both are big cats).

Here he is, trying to fit himself. He thinks he is still a!

Macho Gianto



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June 03, 2012

Do you need to get baby gifts for girls? Well how about this nice cardboard house? It has nice windows and doors that can be opened and shut and she can play hide and seek in ti too. Look there are even beautiful flowers on the wall. I think the name on the front door can be customised to the girl’s name as well.. Mine would of course say “AWAN”…

I know I love boxes and I am sure your girls would love it too..


Awan in Pink



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