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April 11, 2017

Smokey has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge on 11th April 2017 at around 6.30am. He had been sick for some time and despite the sadness that me and Azwaj feel, we are glad that he is no longer suffering.

He had been strong throughout the whole time he had been sick. We switched to Feline Transfer Factor and Phytoscience Stemcell for him when the vet’s meds were no longer giving him relief. He was on wet food diet and although eating he was still losing weight but we did see a vast difference when we started giving him the stemcell as he was breathing better and his dripping nose dried up noticeably.

Smokey will be 15 years old in June but with his illness, his body could no longer take it. When the vet keep kept giving him the same meds and suggested more test, we decided collectively that we would try to make his remaining time with us as comfortable as we can with no more needles and no more vet visit (Smokey was terrified of the vet clinic) and we believe we were successful up to his last breath.

Smokey passed on in Daddy’s arm that morning. He gave three last short breath and he was gone. Good bye Smokey. Run free with the rest of your family ya… Mommy and Daddy will miss you….Love you forever!


2002 - 11 APRIL 2017

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May 08, 2016

Smokey has not been feeling well these last few months. He’s been having this terrible cold and although he’s not down totally or his appetite affected.. he has trouble breathing and his nose is getting crusty from all the discharge.

For his last two visits, the vet gave him cold meds, antibiotics and immune boosters. That did the trick and his nose cleared up but then once his antibiotics course was over, his cold came back.

This would be his third visit. Vet said that Smokey is old.. he is 14 this year .. and so he does not want to do any unnecessary test unless it is indeed necessary and as pawparents we agree.

Let’s see what happens today at the vet. Will update soon.

Mommy to Bloggercats

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March 31, 2013


First Commenter
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April 27, 2012

Yeay Fluffy Friday finally made an appearance at Pheebs blog and so here we are joining as well.

Do you remember Awan’s potrait? Well mommy is finally satisfied with mine and wanted to see what you guys think about it. Happy Fluffy Friday all.

Share your fluffy friends with us every Friday! Whether it’s a favourite stuffed toy or an adorable pet – basically anything fluffy, we’d love to see your pictures & stories! Leave ONLY the POST URL here and grab the Fluffy Friday badge at Meow Diaries. Any unrelated links will be deleted.




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August 12, 2011

When Emila DM me and say that she wanted to meet up to pass my pressies and some souvenirs from Korea, I was excited ( Thanks Emila…I’ll blog about it at my other blog soon). So I thought instead of going out, it would awesome for her come to the apartment and visit the kitties as well.

Emila and her son, Yassin, came around 9pm and after a round of after “buka” snacks, conversation of our online businesses, blogging, term insurance and my recent surgery, the kitties were released from the kitty room to join in the fun.

Unfortunately, out of the nine kitties we have, only Awan was really comfortable with both Emila and Yassin. The other eight was either oblivious or extremely terrified of Yassin. Jerome-zi, Jaybol, Jessie, Jam and Vievie all  hid in the kitty room and refuse to come out and when Yassin and Azwaj went to check them out in the kitty room, Jerome-zi ran for his life like there was ghost after him.. lol.. Smokey was a tad more brave and approached Emila but was wary of Yassin.

When Yassin was “busy” jamming with Azwaj in the study, JayB did come out from the kitty room but once he saw Yassin, he ran off in the opposite direction again. He basically was shivering in the kitty room. Poor dear… That being said, we don’t think it was Yassin per se that they are afraid of. We noticed that our kitties have an aversion to toddlers and children. We have no idea why and we seriously don’t know how to help them overcome that fear. Any suggestions?

Anyway.. here’s  Emila and Smokey.. enjoy!

Emila and Smokey

Emila and Smokey


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