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December 21, 2013

Okay- so maybe not actually smelling like roses but the analogy fits when you have used an odor free machine to cleanse the air in your house, apartment, basement, garage or whatever space may have become contaminated with an offensive odor. Treatment with an odor free machine will leave the area with a fresh, clean smell that encourages deep breaths and smiles.

Safe and Easy to Use

Hotels and apartment buildings can clear nasty odors, such as cigar smoke, cooking odors, pet smells and mustiness quickly and efficiently with a machine that generates ozone. The ozone attacks the nasty, minute particles that cause the bad smells right at their source. No crack or crevice is too small to ban ozone from entering. Ozone is simply the oxygen we breathe with an added atom. Two ways nature converts oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3) is via ultraviolet light and lightening. People use harnessed electricity to create the same effect.

With an ozone generator machine, like those you will find here at, all you have to do is plug it in, set the dial in accordance to space size, odor intensity or and/other listed factors in the directions, and then leave the area until the allotted time is up. When you return, the space will no longer reek of yesterday’s misgivings. Once the O3 has done its job the added atom is lost and O2 once again reigns supreme.


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September 21, 2013

Mommy is busy doing some ebay designing for her wig client though I must prefer to check out reid website instead coz they have all these cool gadgets that I as a male cat can use especially since daddy was thinking of changing the linoleum in the kitty room and I am sure I can find something at the site to make the job easier for him..

Don’t worry.. Smokey is here to help..

Oh last Friday we had some special guest at Bloggercats. I will surely blog about it as soon as I can.. Stay tune!

BloggerCats – Smokey

First Commenter

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September 06, 2013

Most cat lovers agree that it is the unique personality and independent nature of cats that make them such interesting and loveable pets. Although they like to appear independent, the truth is, your cat depends on you to provide them with a healthy diet, proper care and toys for entertainment.

Just as cats have individual personalities, they also have different nutritional needs. It’s important that you select a cat food for them that is designed for their specific lifestyle, health issues and age. PetFlow has a large selection of food for cats. You can easily locate a specific brand of food if your cat has determined which type they insist on eating. You can also shop for food by categories related to age, dietary restrictions and the general type of lifestyle your cat has.

Along with food and toys, a caregiver and companion to a cat always needs to have a source for high quality cat litter. Shopping at PetFlow, you can order cat litter by brand, type and bag size. You can take care of all of your cats basic needs at this one location.

Every spoiled kitty recognizes the sound of a treat jar or bag being opened. You can feel good about giving your cat any of the healthy treats you will find while looking around the PetFlow website. You’ll also find quite a collection of cat toys. Keeping a variety of toys on hand, and switching them often, will keep your cat from becoming bored.


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July 25, 2013

Pets do the cutest things, and many people view their pets as their own personal children, or “furbabies.” They are beloved family members, and you want to keep your pets in excellent health. You also want to share their adventures, comical moments and challenges with other people who feel the same way about their pets. When you join the social network for pets at, you can meet all of those goals.

Help with Health Problems
Are you dealing with a minor health problem? You’ve probably seen the vet, but you may be interested in holistic treatments, or you just want to talk with someone else who is going through the same thing with their pets. You can find a sympathetic ear, suggestions for treatments and other advice that may be lacking on your usual social media sites.

Sharing the Joy
If your friends are growing tired of listening to stories about the cute thing your cat did last night, then you need a special social media group that’s dedicated to pets. Other pet lovers will never grow tired of hearing the stories about your favorite pet, so you can share the joy and talk regularly about your favorite pets.

There are several social media sites available, and you may be active with many of them. However, they probably aren’t dedicated to your pets. Whether you want a place where you can talk about the way your fish follow you when you pass in front of the tank or share a funny story about your dog, you can find what you are looking for on social media sites that are dedicated to pets.



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