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January 24, 2012

I was watching tv and the kitties were all minding their own business. Gianto was playing with a used sponge (he goes crazy with that thing) while Jay-Bol and Awan looked at his antics, Smokey and Nina was sitting with me on the sofa and Aggie was just lounging in front of the front door.

Then Azwaj woke up and came out from the master bedroom. Suddenly Aggie got up from her spot and starting meowing like a little white noise machine. Azwaj called her and she walked towards him as she continued with her meowing. Lol.. it was so hilarius. Azwaj then extended his hands to her and she jumped into his arms. The video below shows what followed after that. Yeap.. she loves her human daddy… just listen to her saying so.

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