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How to Locate High Quality French Bulldog Breeders It is inevitable that the lovable French Bulldog is synonymous with flaws. Even if the breed is of top quality, the breed is expensive to buy, and to maintain its health you have to be ready with enough money. As in any dog, a well chosen veterinarian who would care for it is a must. An objective of several Frenchie owners is to make money out of the offsprings and to propagate their stock. Breeding the French Bulldog does not come easy. It is required to be extremely educated in the breeding process if one is to consider whether or not to breed the French Bulldog. Qualifications for dogs fit for breeding are that it should be healthy and have met the breed standards. It is important for the French Bulldog to show positive characteristics and does not have health concerns before the breeder choose it for breeding. Since the number of French Bulldog is low, inbreeding is a choice compared to with the other breeds. It is critical therefore to research the lineage of the dogs before inbreeding. It would be advisable to not to go through with the mating process on your own, especially with the necessary knowledge that is required to breed French Bulldogs. If one aims to be a responsible breeder, he should seek assistance from an experienced breeder to help him go through the process. If you would like to become a responsible breeder of the French Bulldog , take the time and effort to find a willing partner and mentor you, for this would pay off greatly in the end.
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For first timer Frenchie breeders, there are many things to look into. To make sure that the dog qualifies for breeding, a responsible breedor has to see to it that the dog fits in the standards.
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Applicable to the Frenchie breed are that dogs can be sold as pet once it does not meet the breed standard. Responsible Frenchie breeders know that they should not breed the dog to be sold as pets, and they should advise for the dog to be neutered or spayed. A responsible breeder of French Bulldog will make the buyer aware before selling the dog that the dog is not for breeding. The dog is sometimes spayed or neutered ahead before the breeder sells it. A responsible breeder will require the new owner to have the dog sterilized within a certain period, especially if the puppy is not old enough to be spayed or neutered. You will see French Bulldogs that passed the standard of the breed in dog shows and competitions. The French Bulldog is a high quality pet, lovable and a fun companion, but the owner must be ready with the responsibility that goes with it in having this breed.

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