November 09, 2013

It’s not surprising that some dogs are more easily trained than others. Some dogs can be taught a number of different skills without much effort. Other dogs need a little assistance in the training department. A training collar can be helpful to an owner with a dog that is presenting some challenges. Here are some of the factors that can make a dog difficult to train.

The Setting

Trying to train a dog with too many distractions around can be a problem. Distractions may include another dog in the yard or perhaps one that is barking next door. The dog that is being trained may be easily distracted by another dog and not pay attention to its owner’s commands. This is an example where the person may want to find out how dog training collars work.

Overly Energetic

A dog that is constantly jumping around, barking and wanting to run may also be difficult to train. Getting the dog to settle down and listen to commands would be the first important lesson for the owner to tackle. The owner would have to get and keep the dog’s attention before even the simplest lesson could be taught with success.

Lacks Motivation

Finally, some dogs don’t want to do anything but sleep on the sofa. Training a dog that lacks motivation is also a tough task. An owner may need a training collar to help get the dog to sit up and listen to the commands of its owner.


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Posted by LadyJava On November 09, 2013
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