October 21, 2011

Hello all..


My name is Gianto and I am around 3mths old.

Mommy and daddy found me loitering around all alone at Giant, Taman Permata on 8th October 2011 at midnight hence the name.  Daddy took pity on me when he saw there was another bigger cat ready to pounce on me so when mommy returned from the ATM machine, he asked mommy what they should do. I really like them and so tried to impress them with my cuteness. So around 12.30am, after playing with me for about half hour, daddy and mommy decided to bring me home. Since they didn’t have any carrier with them, mommy held me really tight on her chest while we ride home on the motorbike. I was very good and we all arrived home safe and sound.

At home however, only Smokey and Awan was very friendly with me. The rest of the kitties were all very wary of little me and some of them actually hiss at me. Of course I hiss back and quickly ran to mommy. I think it might be because I smell different.

Anyway, here are some picture of me on that day. Mommy is saying I am so cute that she doesn’t care if I am a boy cat and that she would still let me wear a cheerleader costumes for adults cats when I am big enough to model them.. hahaha!



Posted by LadyJava On October 21, 2011
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